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Eagle River Seed Farm
Seed Operations
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Wysocki Produce Farm
A family tradition of growing quality produce
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Paragon Potato Packing
A commitment to excellence

Our family-owned business leads the way with preferred agriculture services and products for customer partners,
all the way to homes and tables everywhere.

Eagle River Seed Farm






Field to fork

As the largest vertically integrated fresh potato producer in WIsconsin, we manage the entire process from field to fork


Our first love. Planting is one of the most important pieces to the success of our organization. With precision planting technologies and the help of extraordinary staff, we plant and grow exceptional produce. We can track the exact placement of each seed, collecting planting data along with nutrient and water application data throughout the season, ensuring our plants get exactly what they need.


Similarly to our planting practices, our growing procedures take precision and skill. We carefully monitor each growing plant with our state-of-the-art technology. This monitoring process provides our team with the knowledge and location of plants that need the right amount of irrigation and soil nutrients.


One of the best and busiest times of the year, harvest season is our moment of truth. Here we determine how the hard work of planting and growing has paid off. Running days and sometimes nights, our team is dedicated to the harvest and proper care of our crops.

Sorting & Grading

After our potatoes have been harvested, our team transports our new crop to storage facilities where they await processing. Our storage facilities can house 250 million pounds of potatoes, allowing for year-round supplies of potatoes for our customers. Once our potatoes are removed from storage, they are washed, graded and inspected by our quality assurance team ensuring the highest quality potato makes it into your bag.


Grading up to 200 million pounds of potatoes each year, our packing facility is a year-round operation. On a daily basis, our team will package and load approximately 40 semi-trailers worth of potatoes that ship throughout the country. Our packaging types vary from paper to poly, from bulk to small consumer sizes; we truly customize our packaging to meet each customer’s needs.